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Representations Of Me

What do the images connote about my tastes?
Each image connotes a different meaning. For example the images of painting canvases connotes I enjoy art, the ones of computers connoting I own a PC or wish to have one. The different posters showcase my different interests, such as the Scream(Wes Craven, 1996) connoting Scream is a film I enjoy. Musical artists album’s being shown connotes that I enjoy their music.

What do the images connote about my favoured media forms?
The manga covers and Studio Ghibli poster connotes that I view Japanese media quite often and enjoy anime or manga books. Aside from them, the other medias shown are majorly from films or albums which connote audio, specifically music.

What do the images connote about how I want others to perceive me?
The main colour palette throughout the images is relatively neutral which could connote I want other to perceive me as quite a neutral person, willing to see each side of the story or preferring to stay neutral about certain situations. The art shown connotes I wish others to see me as an art enthusiast and that I hope to improve with my artistic skills.


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